United States


15 million hectares
  • 2011 15 million hectares by 2020

Making restoration work for Americans

The United States Forest Service, in partnership with government agencies, states, tribes, non-governmental organizations, and private landowners, has commited to the Bonn Challenge the restoration of 15 million hectares by 2020 using an all-lands approach. Their effort aims to create more climate resilient ecosystems, restore watersheds, increase biodiversity, reduce hazardous fuels and produce forest products. This investment in large-scale restoration prioritizes watersheds, provides multiple benefits, supports local communities, and reports and monitors progress through an interdisciplinary collaborative approach.

As of 2012 restoration had been initiated on several million hectares of degraded forestlands in the United States. The Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration program of the US Forest Service has initiated 23 collaborative restoration projects to date, with vast acres of both private and public forest land being restored.

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