8.47 million hectares
  • 2014 8.47 million hectares by 2020

In 2014, Mexico's SAGARPA pledged 7.468284 million hectares, and CONAFOR another 1 million hectares, for a total of 8.468284 million hectares by 2020. Embedded in this figure are subnational pledges as well: 0.4 million hectares from Campeche, 0.3 million hectares from Quintana Roo and 0.25 million hectares from Yucatán, all of whom pledged at the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum on the sidelines of COP21 in Paris; and 0.17 million hectares from Chiapas, who pledged at the UNFCCC COP23 in Bonn in 2017. In addition to this, each State has pledged separately toward the 2030 Bonn Challenge goal.