A global network

The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration (GPFLR) was initiated by IUCN to unite governments, organisations, communities and individuals working towards the restoration of degraded and deforested lands. Its members are active in every major region of the world, gathering knowledge on restorationfacilitating restoration assessments, and supporting Bonn Challenge commitments. Through active engagement, collaboration and the sharing of ideas and information the GPFLR promotes an integrated forest landscape restoration approach to regaining function in degraded lands, an approach that seeks to ensure that forests, trees and the functions they provide are effectively restored, conserved and employed to help secure sustainable livelihoods and ecological integrity for the future. 

Learn more about the GPFLR

There's more going on with the Global Partnership than we can tell you about here. Visit the homepage of the network to learn how we are promoting landscape restoration around the globe - and see how you can join the global movement.

International, regional, and mid-career training

There are numerous opportunities for professionals to expand their knowledge base and skill set to become restoration practitioners or advocates in their home countries or...