There are numerous ways to get involved with the Bonn Challenge, whether you are a landowner, business leader, government actor, academic, or member of the public or civil society.  

Why contribute to the Bonn Challenge?

  1. To gain recognition as a leader in a global movement: Receive international exposure for domestic programmes; Join a cohort of leaders from around the world; Demonstrate how national or sub-national actions contribute to international commitments
  2. To access technical support to implement and scale up of positive efforts: Benefit from expert knowledge, tools, peer experience and sharing of knowledge; Secure technical support on mapped, economic, carbon and enabling conditions assessments of restoration potential
  3. To mobilise resources: Learn about international funding opportunities and models for building domestic programs that incentivize restoration; Demonstrate the multiple benefits of FLR; Build the business case and catalyse domestic, regional and global funds
  4. To leverage domestic programmes to achieve global goals: The Bonn Challenge is an implementation vehicle for climate change, biodiversity and land degradation neutrality goals as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Forest Goals, and REDD+. 

What is the process for contributing a pledge to the Bonn Challenge?

Why restore?

Restoration produces myriad benefits for people and nature. The full suite of benefits from restoring land will depend on the circumstances of the land's use and the needs of the...