Democratic Republic of the Congo


8 million hectares
  • 2014 8 million hectares by 2020

World leaders announced pledges to restore over 30 million hectares of degraded forest lands at the UN Climate Summit in New York, in 2014. Along with pledges from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Uganda, among others, during the same event, the Democratic Republic of the Congo made a pledge to the Bonn Challenge. 

The announcements were made alongside an extension of the global restoration target to at least 350 million hectares—an area greater than the size of India—to be restored by 2030. This new target was unveiled at the Summit in the New York Declaration on Forests. The Declaration, signed by IUCN, as well as more than 100 countries, corporations, indigenous peoples and civil society also called for a halving of deforestation rates by 2020 and an end to global deforestation altogether by 2030.

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