0.6 million hectares
  • 2017 0.6 million hectares by 2020

The Asia Bonn Challenge event, held in May 2017, brought together twelve Asian countries to identify ways to collaborate on forest landscape restoration (FLR) in support of the Bonn Challenge. The event was jointly organised by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of South Sumatra in cooperation with IUCN. Along with pledges from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka during the same event, Mongolia made a pledge to the Bonn Challenge that helped to tip the Bonn Challenge over its 150 million hectare milestone.

During the regional event, Dr. Tungalag Ulambayar, Permanent Advisor to the Minister of Environment and Tourism, made a statement on behalf of Mrs. Oyunkhorol Dulamsuren, the Minister of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia. Dr. Tungalag emphasized some of the essentials of the Mongolian forests in the Asia-Pacific regional context that require different approaches compared to countries in the South-East Asia. Mongolian forests occupy 7.9% of the country’s territory, which equals to over 12,260 thousands ha areas. During the country’s transition from the centrally planned economy to the free market system, Mongolia lost over 467,600 ha forests due to growing pressures from livestock grazing, unregulated logging, fires, and forest pests. Forests in Mongolia have been experiencing increasing drought stress under ongoing global warming three times higher than the average global temperature increase, which has hindered the forest growth. Another challenge Mongolia has faced is the lack of experience in professional restoration of forest landscape with both social and ecological outcomes beneficial to all forest stakeholders.

Dr. Tungalag highlighted that the Environment and Tourism Minister gives high importance to Bonn Challenge, which offers an excellent opportunity to Mongolia to learn from other countries in the region in the areas of reforestation technology and restoration planning. Dr. Tungalag stated that despite Mongolia's challenges, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia is willing to commit to the goal of restoring over 600,000 ha forest areas by 2020 to reach 12, 912 thousand ha of forest cover or 8,3% of the country’s territory. She highlighted the importance of collaboration with IUCN with well-recognized expertise in the environmental conservation in this endeavor.   

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