Mexico (Chiapas)


0.18 million hectares
  • 2017 0.18 million hectares by 2030

At the UNFCCC COP23, Hon. Ricardo Hernández Sanchez, Undersecretary of Forest Development, Secretary of Environment and Natural History, Chiapas, Mexico, announced the State's Bonn Challenge goal to restore 350,000 hectares by 2030. The Chiapas Government has given high political priority to climate mitigation and adaptation and is transitioning to a green economy, which this pledge will help reinforce.

The Chiapas Bonn Challenge commitment comprises 0.17 million hectares by 2020 (contributing to Mexico's existing national 8.5-million-hectare pledge) and 0.18 million hectares by 2030 as a new stand-alone commitment. The State has already implemented 119,339 hectares of its 2020 target.