0.5 million hectares
  • 2015 0.5 million hectares by 2020

A restoration commitment from the heart of South America

In 2014, Latin American and Caribbean countries and regional programmes, working with regional and global organisations, launched Initiative 20x20, a country-led effort to bring 20 million hectares of degraded land into restoration by 2020. In 2014, the government of Chile made an ambitious commitment to the Bonn Challenge, to restore 0.1 million hectares of degraded land, through Initiative 20x20. Through Initiative 20x20, countries and programmes in the region will work with leading research organisations and the private sector to restore degraded lands, resulting in carbon storage, reforestation, more productive agriculture, avoided deforestation and improved livelihoods. The 20 million hectares committed through Initiative 20x20 will not be fully restored by 2020 because it takes many years for forests and ecosystems to redevelop, but will start their restoration process by 2020. Initiative 20x20 brings together national and regional commitments, plus US$ 365 million of private finance, to restore forests and ecosystems, reduce poverty and improve agricultural productivity.

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